The Vines Academy Trust

“No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.” John 15 v 4

Our Story

The Vines Academy Trust was launched on 1st July 2018. 

The Vines aims to ensure an outstanding education for all its children, and to promote the Christian ethos and distinctiveness of its schools. We believe in the importance of the church school at the heart of the local community, with strong links to the parish church. The Vines will continue to work closely with its existing partnerships, including Oadby Learning Partnership, STEP Teaching School Alliance and the Leicester Diocesan Board of Education, sharing resources and common values. We anticipate over time that our trust will grow to include other likeminded schools.


Our Trust has identified four main objectives:

Objective 1: A commitment to continual improvement of pupil outcomes.

Objective 2: To sustain strong, skilled and effective leadership at all levels.

Objective 3: To safeguard the distinctive character of each school in its unique context.

Objective 4: To ensure a financially sustainable structure which aims for growth of the Trust.

Core Principles

The Vines Academy Trust is committed to the following guiding principles for its work:

  • The learning outcomes and well-being of pupils are at the heart of all decisions and actions;
  • The workings of the Trust – related to finance, performance and strategy – are transparent, efficient and effective;
  • Members, Trustees, governors and employees act with integrity and moral purpose;
  • The Trust works as a collaborative partnership, with all its members being givers and receivers of support and professional development;
  • The Trust is committed to uncompromising challenge of all aspects of its work in all schools;
  • All members of the Trust will be committed to respecting and preserving the unique and distinctive character of each school.


It is expected that each school joining the Trust will have agreed to support these core principles, and to uphold the values and ethos of the Trust as set out in the Ethos Vision.